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Bonne Etoile - Mother of pearl

Discover the unique bangle bracelet of the brand Nadka, created with love.

This exceptional jewel sports four stars in real mother of pearl in  very good quality, each symbolizing a season of the year

The first star evokes luck, bringing blessings along the way.

The second embodies love, recalling the precious bonds that unite us. The third star represents health, a symbol of well-being and vitality. Finally, the fourth star is your lucky star, guiding your steps towards success and happiness.

This bangle bracelet is much more than an accessory: it is a promise of beauty, positivity and luck at every moment of the year.

4 hearts for 4 seasons, where to be under the best auspices throughout the year.

Bracelet in brass, stars in mother of pearl, quite adjustable to satisfy the wrists very thin or stronger.

89,00 €

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Soothes anxieties, anger, tensions, jumps of moods and all excessive emotional states.


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