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ETERNITY- Amethyst / Aventurine

I love stones for their beauty, their virtues and also because they last over time.
We are never disappointed by a beautiful stone. It will always be beautiful, moreover it tells something, it has a presence and when you think about it few things have this power...
There's chemistry in it as in Love.
I created this first MIXED ring to go even further.
2 opposite stones but which join together to form a ring.
Rounded edges / square stones, the shapes are gauged and then harmonized.
The ring ÉTERNITÉ ♾ is made of silver and composed of a face in Pink Amethyst (pale violet) which helps in decision making, management of responsibilities and success in business and a face in Aventurine which allows to harmonize ying and yang, stimulates, motivates and eliminates stress.
During the day you can rotate this ring or open your hand to think of your loved one.
From the 48th to the 68th everyone will have their ring ⚖️
To be worn between lovers, between best friends, a woman, a man and to find oneself on a pure, simple and powerful aesthetic.
Created to last #eternity

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2 rings in one 

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