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ETOILE - cornaline

Pretty short necklace 

The star has always been the symbol of light, harmony, beauty and perfection.
It is also the symbol of the five vital elements (Light, earth, water, fire, air) or the five senses of the human being.

The Etoile necklace is mounted on a pretty chain mesh epi, the beautiful star will bring a nice touch of light to your neckline.

Restores vitality and energy

Transmits the love of life

Keeps the fear of death away

Promotes resolution, success

Stimulates concentration and meditation

Strengthens memory

Nurtures creativity

Gives confidence to the shy

Encourages speech and stimulates speech

Fight against apathetic states

Increases resistance to adversity, abuse

Facilitates adaptation to new situationsPaints anger, resentment and jealousy

Inspires happiness and joie de vivre

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