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RENAISSANCE Lotus Labradorite & Amazonite

- LOTUS Renaissance -

The Lotus flower is a sacred flower for many civilizations

It grows in deep mud, away from the sun, but still manages to spread well above the water! 

This is incredible!

They symbolize purity, renewal, blossoming but also beauty.

The Egyptians associate it with the sun because it only opens during the day and closes at night.

The clear labradorite that makes up this necklace puts away negative energies and the moon in Amazonite allows you 

to keep your soul as a child.

I find the history of lotus flowers very inspiring and transcribe it through a very poetic jewel.


In doing research I found that the crystal lotus flower would promote harmony and communication and help to soothe and lessen disputes

This crystal flower is hand-crafted by artisans in Jaipur for you!

Length: 40cm = 10 cm extension so you can find your ideal length!

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